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Duration: 63 min
Language: English
Price: 14,00 euro

Nuke is the nemesis of future. The most influent world experts, interviewed by, illustrate the reasons why to abandon the illusion of atomic energy and why to invest in a more sustainable future.

With: Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Pollan, Jeremy Rifkin, Lester Brown, Mathis Wackernagel, Wolfgang Sachs.
In cooperation with Greenpeace Italy.

"We are at the sunrise of the Third Industrial Revolution."
J. Rifkin

"Between 2007 and 2008 the price of mais has risen by 130%.
The price of rice has doubled.

L. Brown

"Global warming is causing the desertification of Earth,
extreme weather phenomena and ice melting.
W. Sachs

"Buildings are responsible for 40% of C02 emissions in the USA. With some upgrades, they could consume up to 20-50% less."
M. Pollan

"Every year there are 76 million more people on Earth."
M. Wackernagel